The Importance of Feeding the SOUL

Feed your SOUL!  It’s not just a quirky tagline I came up with for my website.  It’s something I believe we need to do.


I created the Society of Ultimate Living (SOUL) to inspire people to live their vision, but what happens when you don’t know what your vision is?  You may be living a life that feels numb or in a state of constant frustration.  You have this nagging feeling that you are meant to do something great, but what is that something?  Those feelings are all signals that we must take some time to connect to our soul.


What is the soul?  I like to think of the soul as our wise self.  It has the answers you seek if you take the time to listen.  But in our hectic lives we become disconnected to our soul’s voice.  We don’t get those intuitive hits or synchronicities happening in our lives.  We feel weighed down and the only party we feel like throwing is a good ole pity party.  These are all signs that your soul is feeling deprived and in need of some serious nourishment.  So, what do we do?  We feed our soul.


Feeding the soul involves doing things that you love to do.  Watch a great movie.  Read a fun book.  Dance to your favorite music.  Go for a hike.  Cook a great meal.  Hug and kiss your loved ones.  Snuggle with your pets.  Watch kids play.  Better yet join them!  We need to loosen up spiritually, physically and emotionaly for the soul’s voice to be heard.  That light heartedness, I believe amplifies the voice of the soul and will connect you to your vision.


Even though I know how much better I feel when I am consciously feeding my soul, I sometimes forget.  When I feel stressed, blah or confused, I know I have been neglecting my soul.  I’ll find that I have numbed out for one reason or another.  My life has gotten out of balance and I know it because my energy level is low.  That’s my soul’s way of saying, “Feed me!”


So I am making a pledge to consciously feed my soul and document my soul stirring antics here and on Facebook.  I hope you are inspired to join me.

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