SOUL Beginnings – Part 2

Cicero Development CorpAfter my first day of lomi, I slept for 15 hours!  It was the deepest most relaxing sleep I had ever experienced.  I felt ready.  Like something big was going to happen.  I had no idea what, but I felt real excited and couldn’t wait to get to Cuky’s house.


After my second day of lomi, I couldn’t feel my head.  I literally was touching my head to see if it was still there.  Everything felt bigger.  For the first time in my life it felt like my chatty mind wasn’t running the show (for a great description of how I felt check out Jill Bolte Taylor’s “stoke of insight” on TED).  Cuky smiled at me like she had seen this before and told me she wanted to give me something before I left for the day.


I was in a daze for most of that day.  A beautiful daze.  Everything seemed prettier.  All the food I ate tasted especially good.  I really noticed nature and all its colors, creatures and rich abundance that is with us everyday.  I remembered why I got into the environmental field in the first place.  It was blissful.  So blissful I forgot about the gift Cuky gave me.


The gift was a rolled up certificate with this poem:


Master in the Art of Living

I draw no distinction between

My work and my play,

My mind and my body,

My education and my recreation.

I simply pursue my vision of excellence

Through whatever I am doing

And leave others to determine

Whether I am working or playing.

To myself, I am always doing both.


After I was done reading the poem.  I thought that’s how I want to live my life.  But is that possible?  Who lives their life like this?  Cuky.  Cuky lives her life like this.  And then it happened.  The vision for SOUL was presented to me clear as day.


I quickly wrote down my idea.  My vision of excellence would be to find people who live their lives like the poem.  I would interview them and share their stories with others to inspire them to live their vision of excellence.   I was so excited to tell Cuky about my vision.


The next morning, I could feel my head again and it was in a chatty mood.  “This sounds like one of your crazy ideas again, Karen.”  “You’re not a writer.  Remember you hated your freshman writing class in college.”  OK.  I thought.  This could be a pipe dream.  Maybe I shouldn’t say anything to Cuky until I figured this whole thing out.  But that just didn’t feel right either.


Driving to Cuky’s house for my last day of lomi, I questioned if this vision was something real or not.  I thought how I could learn a lot from people who were living their vision because I sure wanted to live mine. Sharing their stories could really help people. But would anyone care?  Stuck at red light and feeling a little dejected, I asked for a sign.


Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this van a few lanes over from me.  I quickly grabbed my purse and pulled out my camera because I thought no one would believe me.  “Cicero Development Corp.”  Cicero is my maiden name.  I’ve been working on SOUL ever since.

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