Kumare_promotional_posterAs I was getting ready to visit my first SoulMate, Cuky Choquette Harvey, a few weeks ago I was very nervous.  I felt as if I was going to see my guru wondering if she would approve of my SOUL journey.    Suddenly I remembered a great documentary about the power of guru’s, Kumare.


In this documentary, filmmaker Vikram Gandhi, a regular guy from New Jersey, transforms himself into “an enlightened guru from the east.”  He goes to Phoenix, Arizona and develops a following of devoted students.  His main teaching to his devotees is that they don’t need him or any guru, that inside of each and every one us is the most powerful guru of all.


At the start of this spiritual experiment, Vikram’s intention was to reveal to his students his true identity, but once he sees that his students are making progress towards their goals and living a happier life he is torn.  Should he reveal his true identity and risk deflating their dreams and the relationships he has made with these people?  What’s a “guru” to do?  You’re going to have to watch Kumare to find out.

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