Monthly Archives: February 2014


Focus.  I used to think of it as another F-word.  I used to think that I got the most done multitasking.  I even thought I was good at it.   But the more I read about the brain, we humans aren’t good multitaskers.


Harvard Business Review did a study that concluded that when we multitask our IQ falls.  In my job I help corporations with environmental and safety issues and I can tell you first hand that accidents most often occur because a person is not focused on what they doing.


Now I don’t want to discourage you from pursuing multiple things.  Me personally I have three creative projects plus my full-time job that I am focusing on.  I just encourage you to learn how to switch gears.  I have little rituals I do when I go from one project to another.  I like to play music and dance to switch gears.  Sometimes I just sit and quiet the mind.


Give up the multitasking and focus.  There’s power in focus.  Here’s what else I know about focus.  When you focus, the SOUL knows you are serious about the task at hand and then as Ralph Waldo Emerson says “the universe conspires to make it happen.”

My Super Bowl Moments

Are you Super Bowled out yet?  Well, I hope not because I want to share with you two things that fed my SOUL last night.


Number one, the halftime show.  Great music.  Great collaboration.  Great dancing.  One of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time.


Number two, a quote from the winning quarterback, Russell Wilson’s dad.  “Why not you?”  That’s what Russell’s Dad used to ask him.  That simple question encouraged Russell to believe in himself.  It motivated him to stick with football even though he was told he was too small for the game.


So what’s your “why not you?”  What’s the thing you’ve been told you can’t or shouldn’t do?  Now ask yourself, why not me?  The simple act of believing puts everything in motion.  Isn’t it amazing how three simple words put together can change everything!  Why not you?


superbowl-pageAuthenticity.  Seems like that is the word of the year.  I’ve seen it all over magazines and websites.  I was having dinner with a friend the other day and she even said it was everywhere.


So how do you feel about authenticity?  Are you living an authentic life?  This weekend could be a perfect time to put authenticity into practice.  Super Bowl weekend.


I find people either love football or they have no interest.  If you are of the latter, don’t feel like you have to be pulled into all the hype.  Are you dreading going to that Super Bowl party?  Would you rather stay home and read a good book or watch a movie?  Did I hear a yes?  Well, then do it.


Do you feel it’s too late to back out of a party you said yes to?  OK.  I get that.   Good manners are a part of being kind, but kindness should never be fake.  Go to the party.  Take the host aside.  Offer a huge thank you for the invitation, but tell them football isn’t my thing and I’m going to bail out early.  Standing in our truth and being authentic can feel scary, but try it.  You’ll feel empowered and your SOUL loves it.


What am I doing on Sunday?  I like football.  So I will be watching the game and will be routing for Denver. Go Broncos!