superbowl-pageAuthenticity.  Seems like that is the word of the year.  I’ve seen it all over magazines and websites.  I was having dinner with a friend the other day and she even said it was everywhere.


So how do you feel about authenticity?  Are you living an authentic life?  This weekend could be a perfect time to put authenticity into practice.  Super Bowl weekend.


I find people either love football or they have no interest.  If you are of the latter, don’t feel like you have to be pulled into all the hype.  Are you dreading going to that Super Bowl party?  Would you rather stay home and read a good book or watch a movie?  Did I hear a yes?  Well, then do it.


Do you feel it’s too late to back out of a party you said yes to?  OK.  I get that.   Good manners are a part of being kind, but kindness should never be fake.  Go to the party.  Take the host aside.  Offer a huge thank you for the invitation, but tell them football isn’t my thing and I’m going to bail out early.  Standing in our truth and being authentic can feel scary, but try it.  You’ll feel empowered and your SOUL loves it.


What am I doing on Sunday?  I like football.  So I will be watching the game and will be routing for Denver. Go Broncos!

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