My Super Bowl Moments

Are you Super Bowled out yet?  Well, I hope not because I want to share with you two things that fed my SOUL last night.


Number one, the halftime show.  Great music.  Great collaboration.  Great dancing.  One of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time.


Number two, a quote from the winning quarterback, Russell Wilson’s dad.  “Why not you?”  That’s what Russell’s Dad used to ask him.  That simple question encouraged Russell to believe in himself.  It motivated him to stick with football even though he was told he was too small for the game.


So what’s your “why not you?”  What’s the thing you’ve been told you can’t or shouldn’t do?  Now ask yourself, why not me?  The simple act of believing puts everything in motion.  Isn’t it amazing how three simple words put together can change everything!  Why not you?

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