Emotions Feed the SOUL

It feeds my soul when I see videos like this one making the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites.  This video is a commercial for Thai Life Insurance.  If you haven’t seen it yet.  Take minute and give it a go.

Emotions feed the soul, but I also believe that emotions are signals from the soul.  Emotions should be used as compass.  They give us so much information when we pay attention and process what they are trying to tell us.

To process an emotion, however, we need to take the time to experience it.  Good or bad, we need to feel it.  That’s why I harp on you to make the time to feed your soul.  Connect with the things in your life that bring you joy.  Make time for emotions.  Especially grief.  How we process our emotions is part of our soul lesson.

There was a time in my life whenI shut off a majority of my emotions.  I did happy and sad.  That was it.  It’s not easy just having two emotions.  I remember one time at work getting angry at a department head who would not implement a procedure I had written.  He had a doctorate in chemistry and told me he didn’t need me to tell him how to manage the hazardous waste he was generating in his lab.  Oh he needed me because he was neutralizing waste and pouring it down the drain which is a regulatory violation.  I was in his lab and we were going toe to toe.  I knew I was right, but his pompous behavior got me so mad.  The problem was I forgot how to process mad, so I started to cry.  I was so embarrassed and that made me cry more.  I knew I couldn’t let that happen again so I sat down to try and figure out what was going on.  I realized this wasn’t something I was going to figure out in a day.  I needed to get my emotional muscles back into shape.  I needed to do some work, some soul searching to figure out why I was not connecting to my emotions and I found a great therapist to help me.  You know what the biggest lesson I learned?  I created a life where I was so busy that I had no time for emotions.

I think videos like this one are going viral because people want to connect to emotions.  They want to take the time to do things in their lives that generate some emotion.  Numb is not living.  My charge to you is to make an emotion today.  Laugh.  Love.  Cry.  Feed your soul!

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