Saving Mr. Banks

Saving_Mr._Banks_Theatrical_PosterThose of you that have been reading my posts know that I am a big Disney fan, so you may think I’m featuring Saving Mr. Banks, which is the story of the making of the Mary Poppins movie, because I am under the Disney fandom spell.  Well, you would be wrong.


I loved the movie because I found it fasinating to watch the story telling process and for me there was one paticular scene that just sang to my soul.  Let me set it up for you.


P.L. Travers, author of Mary Poppins, has left California and is back in her home in London.  Before she left, she tore up the contract she was supposed to sign giving Walt Disney the screen rights to Mary Poppins..  Walt has flown all night and arrives at Mrs. Travers home in London.  Walt realizes that Mrs. Travers rejection is not just to protect  the character Mary Poppins, but also the family patriarch of the story, Mr. Banks, who is loosely based on Mrs. Travers’ father who died when she was very young.  Walt says:


George Banks, and all he stands for will be saved.  Maybe not in life but in imagination because that is what we storytellers do.  We restore order with imagination.  We instill hope again, and again and again.


I believe that with all my heart.  We can tap into our imagination and change a situation for ourselves and others even if it’s just for a minute.  We all are storytellers.  You don’t have to write a book or make a movie to be one.


You know, Einstien said that imagination was more important than knowledge.  I hope you’ll give this movie a watch and let it inspire some imagination and the storyteller in you.


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