An Open Letter to the Pretty Blonde Typing At the Spa

Woodstock InnTo the pretty blonde who was typing frantically on her laptop on Sunday, June 8, 2014, at The Spa at the Woodstock Inn and Resort, Woodstock, VT this blog post is for you.

After having enjoyed three plus hours of me time at this beautiful spa, I ventured over to my locker and there you were typing on your computer. I immediately became very worried for you. I felt so sad for you. I listened as you frantically typed on your laptop. As I looked over at you, I saw not a hint of spa bliss in your eyes. I wanted to talk to you, but you looked like someone who didn’t want her personal space invaded.

So as I blow-dried my hair I started to send you well wishes. I imagined that you were writer who treated herself to a day at the spa after spending the winter months cooped up in a one-room cabin in the Vermont Mountains. After your relaxing facial, mani and pedi, you had a eureka moment. That plot twist that was eluding you was now crystal clear and you needed to get the idea down ASAP.

I turned off the hair dryer and heard you sigh. It was a sigh I know way to well. It was just like the sigh I produced in Disney World when I was answering emails as my family rode Space Mountain. It especially sounded like the sigh I did in Utah when instead of going to dinner with my friends and husband, I stayed back at our cabin to finish up a report that my boss had originally said could wait till I got back from vacation. I hoped I interpreted that sigh wrong. I hoped the sigh was good stress.

Yes, sometimes stress is good. I thought about the times when I was totally in the groove on a project and just didn’t want to stop, but then I realized I can stop and do stop. I’m not sure if you can or do.

If you are working that hard for a salary that affords you a day at the spa, let me tell you what I know. No job is worth the sacrifice of yourself. I know from experience. I had to make some adjustments to my career so I could enjoy a day at the spa.  I learned that I can put myself first. You can make time to feed your soul and still make a great living. I mean look at me, I was hanging in the same spa as you.

I left hoping that whatever you were doing, it was feeding your soul. I hoped that the rest of your day was filled with joy. I hoped that you were the writer.

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