On the Road to Becoming Published

BalboaA big thank you to Balboa Press for selecting me to attend the Hay House Writer’s Workshop last week in Denver.

Being an aspiring writer who still has a full-time job, flying out from NJ to Denver, CO, to spend the weekend at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop was a wild ride.

Here’s some of my highlights:

    1. “It takes time to create your success.”  Reid Tracy

      Reid Tracy, President of Hay House did a great job of giving all of us a reality check.  The publishing world has changed dramatically in the last few years.  To be successful, an author has to establish what is known as a platform.  In a nutshell it’s your audience, your tribe, the people (besides your family and friends) that will buy your book.  I thank all of you reading this for being a part of my tribe and I promise to deliver you a book in the near future that you will love.

    2. “Everything is perfect, until it is compared.” Gregg Braden

      Gregg Braden, Hay House author and overall cool dude, was just the dose of inspiration I was hoping for from this workshop.  Gregg shared his journey to becoming an author with us.  My journey seems to be mirroring his which filled me with hope.  Though my husband assured me that he would not file for divorce and we wouldn’t have to salvage our barn for wood (a little inside joke for those who attended the workshop).  Gregg also helped us navigate the hardest journey for all people, let alone authors, the distance between the heart and the head.  He told us about a study conducted in Japan found that there are similar neurons in the heart as are in the brain?  How cool is that!

    3. “I’m not perfect.”  Nancy Levin

      Though not new to a seasoned Hay House events attendee like myself, it was the first time I heard Nancy speak as a Hay House author.  I’ve seen Nancy for years serving as the Event Director for Hay House.  Then I saw her speak as a Balboa Press self-published author, but at this conference, Nancy shared with us how she is making the transition to living the life as an author.  In fact, Nancy shared with us how she is applying her lessons in her new book “Jump..and your life will appear “ today as she transitions from Event Director to full-time author.  Personally, I appreciate people who practice what they preach.  It reminded me of something Oprah Winfrey wrote, “I teach what I most need to be reminded of myself.”

I walked away from this conference feeling inspired and hopeful.  Coming from a science background, I need to understand the hows and the whys of things.  I feel armed with knowledge and now it is my job to put that knowledge into action.

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