Susan Lander

Lander photo jpegI kept thinking about lemonade when I was interviewing Susan. You know the old saying about doing something with your lemons. For Susan her illness was the lemons she was given. She could have sat in her apartment and wallowed about her illness. I’m sure there were days when she did just that. We all do that. But Susan looked at what this illness was letting in. It was letting in and reconnecting her with her psychic gifts. So she started exploring and allowing.

So many spiritual teachers talk about “allowing life” to happen. Though I get it, this still can be a hard concept for me. It seems so passive. I’m a doer, a mover and shaker. I’ve been that way since the time I was little. When I wanted extra money I’d arrange my own yard sale and once to the shock of my mother I even set up a casino in our backyard. Imagine a bunch of 8 years olds placing roulette betting with pennies.

Interviewing Susan made me realize though that allowing isn’t as passive as I thought. The problem us doers have is we need to balance our doing with some inquiry. When we are given our lemons we just start making lemonade. What if those lemons are really apples and we should be making pie?

Allowing life is to be present and aware of what is in front of you now. To be present, we need to stop. We need to get still and listen and ask our soul “are these lemons or apples I have been given.” Once you know what you have been given, you allow your soul to direct you, to show you how to best share these gifts with the world.

When you think about it, allowing is just another process and a process is something we do. So be open my fellow doers. Allowing is active. Meditation, inquiry, and listening to our soul are things for us to do. We must however be willingly receive the recipe of life and make use those ingredients we are given. Be creative with your ingredients though. For me, next time I get lemons, I’m going to forgo the lemonade and whip up a lemon meringue pie.

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