Chakra Playlist

Chakra PlaylistWhen I worked for a major corporation my colleagues and I would lament over the flavor of the month.  The flavor of the month was the new, hip management business system that our bosses would want us to learn and implement.  We were told that this new system would change everything. We’d be excited for a day.  Engaged for a few more.  Come the following Monday, we’d have forgotten all about it.  But that wasn’t the case for all the management tools.  The goods ones stick and are still in practice today.


I feel the same goes for spiritual tools as well.  For centuries people have been teaching about the chakras – seven energy centers in the body that according to Hindu teaching, when in balance, produce health and wellbeing from the inside out.


My first study of the chakras was via Sonia Choquette’s book True Balance.  Each chapter addresses a specific chakra.  First you learn about the chakra, what it represents, and how to tell if that particular chakra is in or out of balance.  This book is filled with exercises and quizzes which I dove into.  It even led me to try chakra attunement, which is a basically seven different mantras/notes that are sung.  The vibrational energy of the note helps balance the chakra and I tell you when I do it, I feel great.


Now I know some of you out there are bit skeptical on things like chakras.  Yes you, my corporate crusaders who just learned a new flavor of month, I’m talking to you.  So how about I ease you into chakras with my very own SOUL Chakra playlist.


As each song plays, think about the place in the body where the chakra is located.  Relax.  Let the music open your mind to new things.  Perhaps even a deeper study of chakras.

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