Clarity is King (and Queen)

Clarity is KINGI loose a lot of clients to one simple thing, clarity.  Many times, once they get it they don’t need me anymore. And you know what?  That makes me happy.

Your vision must be clear for you be able to take the right action.  Once it is you are off to the races.  “But, Karen,” I hear a voice say.  “What if I don’t know what my vision is?”  You do.  You just need to get clear.  On my Facebook page, I gave out an assignment to write down 50 of your accomplishments in 2014.  “50! That’s a lot,” you say.  Well, I wanted to say 100, but I didn’t want to scare anyone away.

Trust me.  You’ve got 50 no problem.  Did you get your kids dressed and ready for school everyday?  Write it down.  Did you throw a party?  Did you finish the year feeling healthier?  Did you get a new job?  Get out of a bad relationship?  Write it all down.  Now scan your list and see what really gets you feeling good.  We want more of that in 2015 and those accomplishments will give you clues to what you want your vision to be.

Say you hate your job.  You want a whole career change and don’t know where to start.  Start with getting clear.  What do you like about your current situation and what do you hate?  The latter might be easier to start with, but start.  Get it out of your head and onto paper and watch how you begin to get clues on your next steps.

Exercises like these start to clean our inner filters.  We have one big filter in our brain called the Reticular Activation System (RAS).  Think of all the data we are bombarded with everyday.  The RAS filters in the information we want to know.  But over time, your inner voice may have  convinced the RAS that you will be stuck in the same miserable job forever and there is no way you will ever make a decent salary anywhere else. So your RAS gets filled with psychic pollution.  This negative self talk dirties up your filter.  So you need to change your thoughts to clean the filter.  You need to tell your RAS what kind of job you are looking for.  What kind of people will you work with?  Where will you work?  How much money will you make?  Be positive.  Set achievable goals that are clear and your RAS will start to filter in what you want and the action you need to take will be evident.

Not buying it?  OK.  Have you ever bought a car?  Let’s say you have your heart set on a Kia Soul (you know I have to go with a car named after my website).  You go to the dealership.  You test drive it.  You take a brochure and what happens on the way home?  You see a ton of Kia SOULs on the road.  You’ve never noticed that many before, why now?  Because your RAS knows you are now interested in the Kia Soul, so it’s going to allow Kia Souls to come through the filter.  It’s that simple.

It’s time to prime our RAS for our 2015 goals.  That’s why we are starting early.  Let’s start doing the work so our RAS is clear to what information it should let into the brain.   Clarity is the benevolent king or queen bringing gifts to our inner world, so start getting clear.


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