It’s All About Our Language

songs-thoughts 3I like to sing when I drive and lately I’ve been starting my road trips with Megan Trainers hit All About the Bass.  I love this retro jazzy song about bringing booty back.

I’ve definitely brought some booty back as of late because the majority of my pants are feeling a bit snug.  This made me realize that some of the songs that I have a tendency to sing over and over again have to do with having a larger posterior.

So knowing the power of language, I thought maybe it’s time that I swap out some songs on my playlist.  So here’s what I came up with:



Meghan Trainor’s, All About the Bass        SWAP WITH             Taylor Swifts, Shake it Off

Sir Mix A Lot’s, Baby Got Back                     SWAP WITH               Justin Timberlakes’s, Sexy Back

Queen’s, Fat Botton Girls                              SWAP WITH               Hot Chocolate’s, You Sexy Thing 


As I write this, I am realizing that it’s probably all the over indulging during the holiday season that has made me feel like something is constantly following me.  I keep looking over my shoulder and all I see is my butt.  But the law of attraction says what you focus your attention on expands.  So, I’m not taking any chances.  Wink, wink.  “Every inch of you is perfect.  From the bottom to the top.”

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