How Do You Connect With Your Vision When You Feel Like You Don’t Have One

What to Do with No Vision

I get this a lot from people.  They tell me that they like what I talk about, but it really doesn’t apply to them because they don’t have a vision.  My response is usually “That’s a bunch of hooie.”

You do have a vision, you’ve just lost connection with it.  So here’s what you do when you feel that way.

  1. Commit to some alone time.
    This is critical.  You need to step away from all the other chatter to listen to your soul.  Be warned!  First you’ll have to go through your inner critic to hear the voice of your soul, but over time you’ll get there.  Spend 5 minutes before work sitting in your car in silence.  Tell your family that Tuesday is my Solo Walk Day.  Go to the library.  Spend some time to get to know you again.
  2. Do something fun, something you enjoy, something that feeds your soul EVERYDAY.
    Yep.  Everyday.  Somedays it’s easier than others, but you need to connect to things that bring you joy EVERYDAY.  When I’m in a mood and by mood I mean bad one, I have these chimes and I just give them a ring and it literally changes my vibration.  When we are feeding our soul, our soul feeds us.  It feeds us with nuggets and not the chicken kind.  I’m talking nuggets of wisdom.  EVERYDAY feed your soul.  You deserve it.
  3. Be of service to others.
    When you are helping others you step away from your own drama.  You let go of the petty b.s. that is crowding your mind when help others.  You realize that compared to some people you got it pretty darn good.  It’s also a great way to connect to your talents.  I learned that I am extremely calm compared to most people and I’m a good listener.  I’m the person you want to take to a hard doctor’s appointment.  I didn’t realize this was even a skill.  It comes easy for me.  I know these skills are special and I use them to support my vision.  Go volunteer somewhere.  Help an elderly relative or neighbor.  Find someone who is sad and help lift their spirits.  I promise you, you will learn something about your self and you will be addressing #2 at the same time.

Now let me clear up something about your vision too.  After one of my workshops a lady came up to me and said the only thing that keeps coming up for her is that she wants to be the best mom for her kids and that wasn’t big enough to be her vision.  I was like “Hello!  Not big enough?  Missy, that’s huge.”  She thought her vision needed to be something grandiose like starting a business, moving to Africa or writing the next best selling novel.  Don’t compare your vision with others.  It’s yours.  So when you do the work above and you connect with your vision, own it, imagine how you’ll feel living your vision, and start taking action.


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