A Soul Goal is a statement to remind you of where you want to be in your life.

A Soul Goal focuses your attention on what is important to you.

A Soul Goal is an affirmation or goal statement.


Soul Goals Plus App

Why Use SoulGoals

Life can get hectic. Do you forget about your priorities because you are tending to everyone else? Soul Goals Plus will remind you what is important to you and help you stay on the path to your dreams.  Send your self a custom dose of inspiration with Soul Goals Plus.  Start by writing your own affirmations and goal statements that support your vision.  Next, have some fun by selecting a unique sound and adding a background of your own picture or choose a color that motivates you.  The final step is to set a time and frequency for your Soul Goal.

What’s the difference between an affirmation and a goal?

An affirmation is a positive, present tense statement regarding something you desire.  Use an affirmation when you know what you want but might not know the steps to take to get there. For example, if you want to write a children’s book your affirmation would be “I write books that children love to read.” As this affirmation pops up on Soul Goals Plus, you will soon begin to notice that clues on how to accomplish this SoulGoal start to appear in your life. You begin to be able to see yourself writing that children’s book and you begin to formulate the plan.

The plan becomes your goals. Goals are actionable steps to get you to your desired result. Let’s stick with the above example. Use Soul Goals Plus to set writing goals. Pick the time and dates you commit to writing and use Soul Goals Plus to keep you on track.  Get a reminder before you write: “You have a date in 30 minutes to work on your book.”

How do I decide the frequency of my Soul Goal?

Depends on the Soul Goal. If for example, your goal is simply to drink 8 glasses of water each day, set your reminder to go off 8 times per day stating, “Drink your water.”  You can adjust the frequency of your SoulGoal at any time.  Once you start using your Soul Goals Plus app, you’ll know how often you need the reminder to help you stay on track to achieving your vision.


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