The Society of Ultimate Living (SOUL) was created to recognize and publicize people who are living an inspired life. These individuals, SoulMates, have agreed to share their stories here.

Let’s learn from them. Be inspired by them.


Barbara Hopkinson

How did I recover from the loss of a child?

Being an executive for a large corporation, Barbara Hopkinson, was asked to travel the world. On one trip to Hong Kong, she asked one of her hosts why the building had holes in them. He responded that the holes were there to let the Chi, or energy force, flow through the building. That sounded like a lot of hooey to Barbara back then, but not today. Today Barbara meditates and incorporates many spiritual modalities into her work. That’s a big change for a corporate executive. Let’s explore Barbara’s journey.


Susan Lander

How did I learn to accept my gifts?

In her new book “Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections, and Advice From History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side,” author, Susan Lander, asks, “What would you do if Ben Franklin was standing in your kitchen?” Freak out? Call the cops? Search for new apartment?

Well, if you’re a former attorney and a psychic medium, like Susan, you pull out a pad of paper and begin to ask questions. Seriously, that’s what she did.


Leah Carey

Why I do I believe in miracles?

If there was an Olympic event in stress, Leah Carey would have won multiple gold medals and be on the Wheaties box. Stress and fear dominated her young adult life. She spent lots of time worrying, “Am I pretty enough, thin enough, good enough?” So much time was spent worrying that she didn’t have energy for anything else.


Kim Kirkley

How do I celebrate love?

A typical day at work for Kim Kirkley inolves love and celebration. Kim is a Celebrant/Modern Minister. She works closely with her couples to craft a celebration of the heart. She works to understand the couples, to find out who they really are resulting in a ceremony that resonates with love and joy. On several occassions, wedding guests have asked Kim how long she has known the couple assuming she must their BFF. Modern Bride has even honored Kim’s work as a wedding celebrant where she received the Trendsetter Award along with wedding industry giants Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, and Wolfgang Puck.


Stephen Kee

How did I reclaim my joy?

Stephen Kee is one cool cat.  An author, musician, motivational speaker and avid golfer. Stephen knows how to enjoy life.  Rewind just two years ago, however, and that was not the case.