Greg Provance

How do I deal with change?

You might think that the story of Greg Provance, Vice President, Synergy Surf, would begin when he first discovered his love of the ocean, the power of waves the beauty of the ocean, nature herself. Or maybe his story should begin when he learned to surf.  No. Greg’s story begins on the night of his thirty-first birthday, the night where he left this ego driven life behind, the night of his last drink.

Greg’s recovery began with a realization that no high would ever be high enough. He knew of only two options for his life as it was, homelessness and possibly death. Greg recalls his inner voice telling him “I’m better than this.”  This knowing and an open heart propelled his relentless commitment to sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous taught Greg to live by simple, basic, principals. Greg came to learn how important it was to form and understand your own principals.  “When you understand your own basic principals, you begin to develop yourself from a stable place,” says Greg. Greg refers to these as the “Bullet Points of Living.”  Greg’s are:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Don’t Over Commit

When his life isn’t aligned with his “Bullet Points” Greg knows it is time to make a change.  And making changes is something he is not afraid to do.

At the beginning of his sobriety, Greg was an actor. When auditioning sober began taking a toll on his nerves, Greg started a mixology company, Creative Cocktails.  Creative Cocktails got popular fast and soon Greg and his partner where hosting parties for A-list celebrities and doing spots on the Fine Living network. When Greg began to question if he wanted to be in an industry that did not support sobriety, another change was needed. The profession of life coaching was just getting big and the idea of helping people, supporting their goals, helping them with their foundations was very appealing to Greg. As his coaching practice expanded, Greg knew to bring it to the next level he would need to write a book. That would lead to speaking engagements and a wider audience.  Committing to the effort to get this done just wasn’t working for Greg. He knew in his gut that something was missing.

It was at this time that a friend contacted him and told him that he was starting a surf company and could use someone like Greg. Someone that would be comfortable dealing with media, organizing large events and helping the company develop and live by a strong mission statement.  “Working with Synergy Surf, I feel fulfilled on every level,” says Greg. Synergy Surf is leading the way to greening the surfing industry. Their mission:  Develop and create the most environmentally responsible, high performance surfboards on the market…PERIOD!

Imagine if Greg resisted change or confined himself to the label of actor, business owner or coach. Would he be where he is today?  “None of those things define me,” says Greg, “I am what I am doing right now. Today, I am running a surf company and being a great Dad.”

Greg’s advice is to go and try whatever your heart is into and realize that if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back. You can ebb and flow through life once you have a good foundation underneath you.

SOUL Survey Questions

  1. How do you stay focused and motivated?
    Daily practice of key things
    1. Exercise:  provides the energy to do what I need to do.
    2. Get Spiritually Centered:  mediation, surfing
    3. Review Daily Goals:  Keep them concise and organized.  Hone your process.
  2. How do you deal with naysayers?
    I don’t believe them.  These people are naysayers to give themselves excuses.  Don’t let them enter into your scope.
  3. How do you blur the lines between work and play?
    Work and play are just labels.  When you define something with a label, you limit it.  I succeed in environments where I can be myself, have fun and laugh.  If you can’t do that, go somewhere else.