Siobhan Coulter

How did I find inner bliss?

Stuck.  It’s a terrible way to feel.  When Siobhan Coulter was 22 years old she felt just that.  Stuck.  Siobhan was working in hospitality.  The job was unfulfilling.  She had no idea what else to do with her life.  She knew it was time for something new, but she had no idea how to get out. Her exit strategy was soon provided to her via an illness. For six months, Siobhan was sick and incredibly sad.  She longed to feel good, to experience joy not sadness.  It was the sadness, however, that brought her to discover her path.


To deal with the sadness, Siobhan started to see a psychologist to discuss how she was feeling.  She was intrigued by the process and decided to go back to school to become a psychologist.  At this time Siobhan also started reading the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, and other great spiritual teachers.  The more she read the more she thought that perhaps she manifested the illness to get out of the hospitality job. So as Siobhan worked on her studies, she also worked on herself.  She practiced meditation and learned from spiritual teachers how to connect with her intuition.  Most importantly, she learned how to own her power. 


Siobhan was excelling in academia and was awarded a scholarship to pursue her doctorate.  The path was laid out for her.  Research, lecturing, statistics, papers.  But this she knew was not her path and she had the strength to walk away from academia and onto her own path, the path of inner bliss.


Today, Siobhan is a psychologist, intuitive energy healer, and a mother of twin boys who is on a mission. It is her mission to help others find inner bliss and she writes about it in the chapter “Just Being You: The Secret of Inner Bliss” in the book Pearls of Wisdom.


But what happens when you feel like the 22 year-old Siobhan?  What do you do?  Siobhan encourages that you start exploring:


  • Reflect back to when you were under 10 years old.  What did you love to do as a kid?  What was that thing that you did just because you loved to do it?  Not sure?  Don’t remember?  Ask your parents or siblings.  See what you learn.
  • Make a playlist of songs that make you happy.  See what ideas, themes and feelings get kick-started by the music.
  • Surround yourself with visual cues.  Make your screensaver or desktop on your computer an image of something you love.
  • See what your friends are doing and give it a go.  They are your friends for reasons.
  • Have a good laugh.


The key, Siobhan says, is to get in the habit of feeling good.  Once you are used to feeling good, you’ll want more of it.  You will be instinctively led down your path.  You’ll know it’s your path, the right path for you because you simply feel good.


SOUL Survey Questions 

  1. How do you stay focused and motivated?
    For me, this is my path and it encompasses all my interests so I guess there is no escape!  I have never really been interested in beauty, fashion, trends, shopping and the like and I always thought I wasn’t much of a “girl” (so it is lucky that I had boys), but I don’t really do chit-chat very well either. My whole being is orientated to focus on light and love and being the best person I can be. But having said all that, there are times that I try to do things that I think I “should do” and that is when I loose my way or stray from my path and I let the actions or the completion of the task become more important than anything else. That is when I am lucky to have an amazing husband who is also “awake” and will bring to my attention that I am “out of balance”. I also have things in my house to remind me of my path such as crystals, paintings, photos, music that remind me of the important things in life. Lastly, having like-minded friends who are open with me about their path are always such an inspiration that I just want to keep moving forward and so my bit in towards the Great Shift of 2012. 
  2. How do you deal with naysayers?
    I do a couple of things. Firstly I try to avoid them, if I don’t have to deal with them, then all the better for me. I don’t run away from them, but I don’t put my head in the lions mouth either.  Secondly, when I do have to “deal” wit them or spend time with them I imagine I am a duck in the rain. I am sure you know the expression “like water off a ducks back” well that is me. I do this so I don’t react with anger at the time as that doesn’t help anybody, and I always send them love. I don’t try to convert anyone, I will say my piece and try to present a balanced point of view and leave it at that. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion, so I might choose to do that, and other times I won’t say a thing if I feel the time is not right and it is point less anyway. Why waste energy on closed ears.
    What I do that I think is important though, is that I always take note of what they are saying and my reactions to it. I never ignore what they are saying I just try not to react. You see I believe that the world around me is my mirror, and naysayers are only voicing my fears so I recognise them. So after an interaction with a naysayer, I then do my energy work – I go within and find my fears to heal them. If the naysayers drift off then I know I have healed that fear, if they stay around, then I continue my energy healing until my external world has changed.  And I always send them love and thank them for being the soul who helped me heal my fears so I can live a better, happier life.
  3.  How do you blur the lines between work and play?
    I look forward to the day when it is universally accepted that work = play, and you would never do a job unless you absolutely loved it. Until that day comes though, I always try to find something in a task that I can enjoy. I admit, sometimes I have to try really hard, but I usually find something. Many years ago in my late teens I was cleaning hotel rooms, which I found very boring, isolating and repetitive. So I used to count to myself and try to see if I could clean the next room close to the same time. I also used to sing to myself or listen to the radio – music always helps to lift your mood. Other times in my life, I have focused on the outcome of my actions, that doing this task will help create a better world, a better life for someone else – and I may never know if it does, so I just trust that it will.