Susan Lander

How did I learn to accept my gifts?

In her new book “Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections, and Advice From History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side,” author, Susan Lander, asks, “What would you do if Ben Franklin was standing in your kitchen?” Freak out? Call the cops? Search for new apartment?

Well, if you’re a former attorney and a psychic medium, like Susan, you pull out a pad of paper and begin to ask questions. Seriously, that’s what she did. After the interview with Mr. Franklin, Susan was elated and wondered, “Wouldn’t it be cool to do a project like this?” As soon as she asked the questions, 22 celebrities, luminaries, and other famous folk started to line up for their chance to share their wisdom and life lessons with Susan. But how does a former attorney get to a point of her life where she can invite Walt Disney to her apartment for an interview? That story is as fascinating as conversing with history.

Susan categories her life now as “before mediumship and after mediumship.” Before mediumship Susan grew up in a Philadelphia suburb and though she knew she was born with psychic gifts she took the traditional path of college. After earning her BA in Telecommunications, Susan decided to go to law school and was hired by a labor union. A very demanding job for a young lawyer, Susan was traveling all around the country doing great work, enjoying her job, but not fully loving life.

In the early part of 2003, Susan had a health issue that forced her to slow down. As a means to heal her body, Susan sought out meditation. Through meditation, Susan began to reconnect with her psychic gifts. Specifically, during meditation, Susan was able to connect to her spirit guides. As she started strengthen her psychic muscles, her physical body was becoming weaker. Her job relocated her to New York City to a position that required less travel, but her health did not improve. With her health deteriorating, in 2007, Susan had to leave her job.

At this time though, Susan was feeling “mature enough” to fully explore her psychic gifts and sought out teachers to mentor her including Sonia Choquette and Lisa Williams. Slowly Susan began using her gifts to help others and was starting to feel a shift in her own life, however, another health crisis was looming.

In 2011, Susan baffled doctors when she developed acute respiratory failure and was near death. As she was about to go into the operating room, Susan was visited by her guides. They gave her three minutes to decide if she wanted to stay or go. They promised, however, that if she stayed a “big surprise” would be waiting for her. She told them she would stay, and then slipped into a weeklong coma. When she came out of the coma, Susan knew her energy had changed.
She realized that her whole life she never really felt good, but in the hospital bed she knew she had finally came to “peace with her humanness,” and her authentic self was ready for the big surprise. Four months later, that’s when Ben Franklin showed up in her kitchen and she knew there was a book that needed to be written and shared with the world.

Today after years of searching, Susan knows she has found her path as medium, teacher and author. She has learned to love every day and can reflect back on her life just like the historians and luminaries that visit her do. She realizes the gifts of her past and how all her experiences, even the years of being ill serve her today. Skills she developed while working with the labor union like public speaking, writing and interviewing have prepared her for the journey ahead. A journey supported by those on this earthly plane and those spirits that have come to chat with her in her kitchen.