Wendy Francisco

How did I create a viral video?

In August, 2009, Wendy Fransico posted a video she created on YouTube. Thirty days later she sat at her computer with her husband looking over her shoulder and she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her video had a million hits. It’s not a video of someone someone falling, something embrassing or shocking. It’s a simple video of a song that Wendy, wrote, sang and animated about the similarities of dog’s and God’s interactions with us. The popularity of the video even landed Wendy a book deal. So how did this all happen?

The idea for the song came to Wendy while she was eating dinner one night. Mid bite, Wendy put down her fork and said, “I need to write a song.” She spent a few long nights working on what became the song “GoD and DoG.”

Song writing wasn’t something new to Wendy. She had spent three decades on the road performing music. She started singing at summer camp and despite the pains in her chest she would get every time she sang, she quickly got a record contract. Wendy even was the voice of the title song for the sitcom “Dear John.”

With the song done, Wendy started playing it for her friends, neighbors and at a few local concerts. The song was a hit in her immediate circle. People had such nice things to say about the song. She knew it touched them. Made them happy. So now what? Wendy decided to animate the song and make a music video.

Drawing and art weren’t something new to Wendy either. Her mother was a professional artist and taught art classes. Wendy remembers growing up and getting to play with all the different media and art supplies in her mother’s studio.  Her mom encouraged her students and Wendy to find their special art. Wendy loved to draw and made flip books as a kid.  So when it came to animating her video, though this was a new medium for Wendy, she just sat herself down and figured it out.

With the video done and posted, the letters started pouring in. Wendy spent most of her days answering emails and letters from fans.  Seeing the popularity growing and growing, Wendy’s good friend, Stacey O’Brien, the author of the NY Times best seller, Wesley the Owl, contacted her agent and the next step for GoD and DoG, a book deal, quickly developed. But, see Wendy already some experience with publishing, too. Wendy was the first rough editor of Stacey’s book and through that experience she understood the steps it would take to get the book published. And in October of 2010, the book was released to wonderful reviews.

Reading this you may think the Wendy has lived a charmed life, but like the rest of us Wendy has dealt with failure, pain and loss. Wendy spent a good part of her life worrying about pleasing all those around her and forgetting to take care of herself. She’s learned to live the life she was meant to lead. She must plant her own garden first. Be the best person she can be so she can share the love, the positive energy with people, God, and of course her dog.

SOUL Survey Questions 

  1. How do you stay focused and motivated?
    Focus is not one of my strong points. But I am passionate about what I am doing and that keeps me motivated. I no longer follow the money trail. I enjoy being here.
  2. How do you deal with naysayers?
    Naysaying is a space we all have a tendency to walk in. If you are going to share your ideas with people, trust your feelings for what you are doing, take in what they say and let it weigh in your heart, not your head. Be brave. Believe in the things that make you passionate and the do it.
  3. How do you blur the lines between work and play?
    I play!  Work is an American concept. There was a time when I scrubbed toilets, but I did it to pay for my college. I explode out of bed each morning so I can start living. I’m really having a great time.